Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How To Win Most Of The Time Trading FOREX

I restarted practicing forex trading on demo accounts and I'm up about $1000.00 in a week and a half! I seem to be winning most of the time now with almost no losses.

Here's what I'm doing differently now. On the 15 minute timeframe of any currency pair.. I first determine the current direction of the moving average. Are the averages pointing up or down? This first needs to be established before any other indicator or system is used for entering a trade. When the direction is established.. always trade in the current direction the moving average is pointing. Then, always set a take profit if you are manually trading forex. Set your take profit goal to 5 to 10 pips.

As long as you are taking profit off the table.. It does not matter if you are overtrading. The only thing that matters is that you consistently take profit and that you win most of your trades.

If you have an ea that closes open positions on the reverse signal.. Then the only thing you need to do to that ea to make it very profitable is to add a moving average filter to it.

Follow these simple steps and you will be amazed how well you trading improves.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

In The Current Market Environment... Should You Be Bullish Or Bearish?

In my opinion.. in this current market environment.. traders at this time should not be committed to a direction. There is too much uncertainty.

If you must trade.. then, at this time it would probably be beneficial to hedge trade this market.


It is an unknown if Trump with his policy making.. intends to Strengthen or weaken the dollar. If he himself is unsure and trys to do both then who knows what effects this will have on price of goods and services, and on the markets.

I will update this post later when I have the time and will include the opinions of well informed traders and financial advisors on this subject matter too.


The following is an interesting excerpt from a recent article by Brian Maher -Managing Editor of The Daily Reckoning...

Yet the prosecution finds itself in a bit of a thicket. Trump’s pledges of deregulation, tax reduction and infrastructure spending all spell a stronger dollar. And the dollar rallied post-election on visions of renewed American growth.
A stronger dollar also attracts foreign investment. That means greater investment in the U.S. economy. And American jobs.
But Trump wails the dollar’s grown too bulky for its own good. It’s “killing us,” he moans. He wants to let out some of the air. A softer dollar gives American products a fighting chance in global markets, goes the reasoning. Brings jobs home. And helps U.S. corporations.
So we’ve come to a strange realization: The new president is at war with himself.
Strengthen the dollar… and weaken the dollar. He can’t have it both ways. It’s trying to take both sides of the seesaw.
Joseph Gagnon, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics:
If the administration is talking the dollar down but pursuing policies that will push it the other way, then that's a recipe for uncertainty, if not volatility… I see a tension between policies that will push the dollar up, and their desire for it to weaken. You could say it's a paradox, or incoherent. And it could end up in a bit of a mess

Thursday, February 2, 2017

If All Markets Are Rigged.. Then, What Is A Good Investment?

Don't just take my word for it.. instead, get informed by the experts. In the above Bix Weir interview video.. he explains how everything is rigged from BitCoin, to Gold and Silver. If what he states is true.. then I personally ( with limited options available ) would rather invest in rigged physical hard asset Gold and Silver then the government's manipulation of the rigged fiat currency called BitCoin.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Deregulation Executive Order For Small Business

Today, President Trump signs an executive order on Regulation Reform that is supposed to reduce reguations imposed on small businesses. This I think is a step in the right direction.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Why Is A Wall The Only Solutions To Border Problems?

Welcome to the 21st Century! We live in the age of advancing technology. Did you ever ask yourself... Why is a wall the only solution for the border issue between the US and Mexico. Maybe there are other solutions that will work instead of a wall. Here's one I just thought up... Why not fly 2 surveyor drones along the border 24 hours a day. Why not put an underground line along the length of the border that senses movement when someone is walking on the ground above it. When movement along ascertain area is detected electronically then a wireless call is sent to the drone flying in the air to alert it to possible movement there. If the drone fly's over that alerted area and spots illeagal crossing then a GPS location is confirmed and recorded at that location and border patrol is alerted and dispatched to capture, arrest, or detain the crossers.

The area between the US and Mexico is a very large area, and walls I think are more suited for extreme cases when there is a highly congested and populated area that a wall is erected as a last resort to attempt curb violence. There may be other solutions available too. A solution cannot be solved unless it is first attempted.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Petrol Dollar Party May Be Nearing It's End...

The above video is a well condensed overview of the many problems facing the world economy as a whole.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Schiff Economy

Peter Schiff hit the nail right on the head when he suggested that the reason President Trump was elected was primarily because people are discouraged with the current  direction and state of our economy.

I think the following opinions expressed by Mr. Schiff, if implemented, would eventually contribute to place America back on the path of prosperity.

However, it is my best guess that the obstacles in place, are too great to overcome. As long as our elected officials accept private banking control over our economy instead of having sound money and free markets oversee the economy.. then unfortunately, America will in time join the ranks of Greece and become a debt slave state to the European Central banking cartel.
See the below video for more info...